Rooster System Attack Methods

This was compiled from YSB International workshop syllabi.

Dodging Attack Methods – 闪 槼手 打法 (shǎn shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Whirling Body Dodging – 旋身闪 (xuán shēn shǎn)
Moving with the Force Dodging 順式闪 (shùn shì shǎn)
Lying Dodging 臥式闪 (wò shì shǎn)

Extending Attack Methods – 展手 打法 (zhǎn shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Covering Extending – 摀手展 (wǔ shǒu zhǎn)
Wiping Extending – 抹手展 (mā shǒu zhǎn)
Whirling Extending – 旋手展 (xuán shǒu zhǎn)

Shifting Attack Methods – 挪手 打法 (nuó shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Whirling Shifting – 旋手挪 (xuán shǒu nuó)
Closing/Squeezing In Shifting – 掩手挪 (yǎn shǒu nuó)
Grinding Shifting – 研手挪 (yán shǒu nuó)

Rising Attack Methods – 腾手打法 (téng shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Lying Rising – 臥式騰 (wò shì téng)
Single Handed Rising  – 單手騰 (dān shǒu téng)
Whirling Rising – 旋手騰 (xuán shǒu téng)

Entering Attack Methods  -进手 打法 (jìn shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Wiping Entering – 抹手进 (mā shǒu jìn)
Fist Entering – 拳手进  (quán shǒu jìn)
Lying Entering – 臥式进 (wò shì jìn)

Whipping Attack Methods – 挞手 打法 (tà shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Whisking Whipping – 掸手挞 (dǎn shǒu tà)
Wiping Whipping – 抹手挞 (mā shǒu tà)
Thrashing Whipping – 抽手挞 (chōu shǒu tà)

Rushing Attack Methods – 沖手打法 (chōng shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Shifting Rushing – 挪手沖 (nuó shǒu chōng)
Rising Rushing  – 騰手沖 (téng shǒu chōng)
Lying Rushing – 臥式沖 (wò shì chōng)

Piercing Attack Methods – 扎手打法 (zhā shǒu dǎ fǎ)

Whirling Piercing – 旋手扎 (xuán shǒu zhā)
Whipping Piercing – 撻手扎 (tà shǒu zhā)
Wiping Piercing – 抹手扎 (mā shǒu zhā)

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